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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Batista " The Animal "

WWE Super Star Batista is called as
" The Animal "

Meena the beauty of Tamil Cinema

The clip was taken when she attend the marriage of Suriya and Jothika......


Loans are typically defined in two categories Borrowing and Lending. Borrowers are the customers. Lenders are the banking sectors.
Loans were mainly to stabilize the financial resources of a Company, Family, Students etc…
Nowadays all the banks are providing loans to its customers.
The great aspect behind this is the way the loan is offered and the way you get it.
There are certain tricks and techniques followed by the banking sectors to give a loan to its customers and made them pay hidden costs to the bank. So the borrowers have to read the documents or forms carefully before getting the loan.

The tricks and techniques of the banking sectors while providing a loan for its customers

The credit card company calls his customers and offer them a loan based on his credit limit in the card at the start they will offer the loan for 33% but they can provide the loan for 13%
Even 12% diminishing rate but they will offer at higher rates so if a customer doesn’t know the difference about the diminishing rate and flat rate then he will get the loan for 33% so it is a profit for the bank. But if a person who knows well about the interest rates in which the bank offers and if he gets the same loan then the rate will be 12 or 13% diminishing and here there is no profit no loss situation. Other than this there will be one time transaction fee etc.

The loans were subcategorized as follows:

Home loans
Personnel loans
Education loans
Company loans
Agriculture loans etc...

The loans can also be divided as Secured and Unsecured loans

To get a secured loan you need to have a property i.e. you need to produce documents of
A Land, House, Companies etc…
To get an unsecured loan the only thing we need to do is to fill the loan form and get the money.
Getting an education loan and personnel loan is very simple; Students who are undergoing the degree in regular can get the education loan. The persons who are maintaining good credit account can get a personnel loan without any security.
Home loans and company loans are entirely different because the amount is huge so the loan providers need a security for such loans. But such kinds of loans are very helpful for the people who are in need of money to stabilize their life and achieve their goal.
Before getting a loan we need to read the terms and conditions of the bank carefully so that you can enjoy the benefits of the bank.

What is a loan?
The act of lending money is said to be loan.
The money borrowed to fulfill the human needs is said to be loans. In this
Modern world human needs are unlimited. But always money seems to be scary. So to fulfill
The needs of a particular man we need some one to help him, that’s what the banks and financial people are doing. At the same time we should be aware of repaying the loans, the failure of repayment is the main reason for the origin of secured loans. The loans are designed in manner to fulfill the human needs. Only by keeping the human expectations in mind the loans are been designed. If you are looking to buy a bike then you can avail for the loan. Personal loans are introduced only to fulfill the personal needs of a man or women. Generally the personal loans are classified into secured and unsecured loans.

What is a secured loan?
If your have a unmovable asset like land, factory, machines,, then you can be able to avail this kind of loans, at the same time you are able to sign as a security for some other person.
Incase you are not able to repay the loan the asset will be taken by the lender i.e. The bank.

Who can avail for the unsecured loans?
The person who does not own a home or any other unmovable property can enjoy the benefits of unsecured loans. But the land lords are also enjoying this benefit; this is because they do not want to keep their property at risk .Nowadays the banks are expecting the borrower to give a security. They are not interested in giving unsecured loans. Only to satisfy the human needs the loans are been given but some of the borrowers are misusing the facility. Nowadays lender decide the loan amount only by seeing the borrower repaying capacity and the value of the asset owned by the borrower, education loans does not need any security.

What is an education loan?
If a student is not able to pay his education fee then he can avail this kind of loan and he can repay his loan amount and the interest after completing his course. This loan is eligible only for the Students enrolled with an approved Educational Institute, with the earning parent / guardian being the co-applicant to the loan. This loan will be approved for the full time education alone. We can enjoy and get benefited of this kind of loans only by repaying the previous loans in time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lovable Pet's

This is not a Turkee Towel the symbol of Love

Love the world of Happiness and Enjoyment.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lovable Pictures

The Pictures below shows the symbol of love